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7 Ways to Add Technology to Direct Mail Campaigns

Posted on Mar 20, 2017

The emergence of new technologies has given direct mail a competitive edge in our increasingly digital and mobile age. Thanks to these new advances, recipients have the ability to engage with a direct mail piece through their smartphone or tablet, seamlessly marrying the offline and online experiences together for maximum results.

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USPS Informed Delivery: Check Mail Before Walking to the Mailbox

Posted on Mar 14, 2017

Editor’s note: this blog post was originally published in August 2016 and has been updated to include additional information.

Marketers, get ready: mailboxes are about to get digital.

Slated for a nationwide roll-out by April 2017, the USPS is piloting a service called Informed Delivery that lets customers digitally preview their mail before it arrives. Subscribers of the service will receive an email every morning that captures the front side of letter-size mail, giving visibility who the sender is and to whom the letter is addressed.

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Four Secrets to a Highly Effective Direct Mail Lead Nurturing Campaign

Posted on Mar 07, 2017

What happens when you acquire a new lead? Do you, A) Send it straight to sales? B) Enter it into a database, then forget about it? Or C) Nurture it, maintaining consistent contact that establishes a relationship and guides the lead down your sales funnel?

The correct answer is C.

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7 Winning Tips to Make Your Direct Mail Programs Profitable

Posted on Feb 28, 2017

With the recent news about postage rates increasing for the first time in three years, it got us thinking: what steps can you take to keep your budget in check while ensuring the profitability of your direct mail campaigns?

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New Streamworks Headquarters Streamlines Operations [Video]

Posted on Feb 21, 2017

On December 19th, Streamworks moved into a brand new headquarters in Blaine, Minnesota. Our new 90,000 square-foot space brings Streamworks and Imagewerks Marketing, our in-house creative and digital agency, under one roof for the first time.

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5 Values That Get Millennials to Respond to Direct Mail

Posted on Feb 14, 2017

Contrary to popular belief, millennials do in fact respond to traditional marketing methods such as direct mail. You just have to make sure you’re speaking their language and invoking their values.

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7 Ways to Keep Your Email List Squeaky Clean

Posted on Feb 06, 2017

Editor’s Note: This blog post was originally published in April, 2016 and has been updated with fresh content.

When it comes to a successful email list strategy, marketers are increasingly recognizing that while quantity is good, quality is even better. More than two-thirds of marketing professionals said that growing and maintaining email lists are critical to the success of their strategy, deeming them top challenges for their marketing programs. But a high-quality list isn’t something that happens overnight.

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Streamline Asset Distribution For Marketing Success

Posted on Jan 30, 2017

All companies face logistical challenges in executing marketing plans. That’s true whether you’re a large company with satellite offices all over the country, a smaller company that utilizes remote sales representatives, or an average-sized company just trying to conduct business as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible.

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10 Emotional Copy Drivers That Make People Act

Posted on Jan 23, 2017

Editor's note: This post was originally published in June 2016 and has been updated with enhanced content.

It’s no breakthrough that emotions are the key to consumers’ hearts (and wallets). What may come as more of a surprise is that digital marketing is not the most powerful tool for harnessing consumer emotions—direct mail is. Of course, quality still counts and poorly executed direct mail will still find its way into the trashcan. The secret to an impactful direct mail piece is copy that taps into emotional drivers of consumer behavior.

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Streamworks Named to Printing Impressions' 'Top 400' List

Posted on Jan 19, 2017

For the second consecutive year, Streamworks has been named in the Printing Impressions ‘400,’ a comprehensive ranking of top printing companies in the United States and Canada by Printing Impressions magazine. Streamworks is ranked 266th on the 2016 list, up twenty-two spots from 2015.

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