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August 01, 2023

Informed Delivery + USPS®'s New Promotion = Mail Done Smarter

SW_USPS Informed Delivery Promotion 2023


We've highlighted other promotions & incentive programs that USPS® is running this year, and the next one starting August 1, 2023 is the Informed Delivery Promotion.


This latest promotion is about inviting your customers to engage with your mail campaigns through previews and interactive digital imagery by integrating their physical mailboxes with their digital inboxes.


But what does all of that mean?


Informed Delivery (4% discount)

We've covered Informed Delivery in the past, but here is a refresher. By setting up an Informed Delivery campaign, you can pair a digital Ride-Along image and a Representative Image that allows your customers to interact with your offer digitally as well as physically with your mail piece.


The Ride-Along Image is a full-color image (200 x 300 pixels) that includes a compelling CTA.  


The Representative Image is a digital copy of what your mail piece looks like in place of the scanned mail piece.


What is Eligible?

• First-Class Mail™ automation letters, cards, and flats

• USPS Marketing Mail™ automation letters and flats

• USPS Marketing Mail™ DDU-entered Carrier Route Saturation Flats*

• Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail™ automation letters and flats

• Nonprofit USPS Marketing Mail™ DDU-entered Carrier Route Saturation Flats*


*Only eligible when saturation campaigns are created through Mail.dat eDoc, with nested 99M barcodes, ZIP11s are provided within the eDoc, and when all other requirements are met for saturation campaigns.


What ISN'T Eligible?

• Non-automation mail

• Saturation mail flats that are not DDU-entered

• DDU flats that are not Saturation

• EDDM (Every Door Direct Mail®)

• Detached Address Label / Detached Marketing Label Flats

• Business-to-Business or Business-to-Institution/Campus Mailings

• Package campaigns

• NON-SEQ campaigns


The Informed Delivery Promotion will run from August 1-December 31, 2023. The registration period started on June 15, 2023.


You can learn more about the promotion on the USPS® Postal Pro™ website, which includes a link to a webinar and a PDF download with full details.


If you have any questions or want to explore options for your next mailing, contact us to speak with a direct mail expert.


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