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May 03, 2022

How to Write Copy that Converts

SW_How to Write Copy that Converts


A picture is worth a thousand words, but compelling copy is just as important.


Copy isn't just for landing pages, social media, and emails—everything you write has one objective: to convert.


Over 60% of marketers measure the success of their content by how many sales they generate. Talk about pressure!


So how can you craft copy that converts people from just casually interested readers into customers? Let's discuss.


First off, what is conversion copy? Just what the name implies: copy where the ultimate goal is to convert your readers into buyers.


Conversion copywriting is the art of utilizing persuasive and engaging language to motivate your readers into taking a specific action.


Now that we have the definition down let's discuss how to write copy that converts.


C is for Confident

Stop using words like think, just, probably, need, maybe, and possibly.


Start using direct and to the point words—be confident when you make that ask/request that open.


Unbury the Lead

We've all seen online and offline pieces that include lots of copy and a wishy-washy call to action. Instead of burying the lead in a string of copy, get to the point.


Stop Saying "Check Out"

Raise your hand if you're guilty of this—we are for sure.


Instead, use strong action words to get them to complete the CTA. Example: "Check out how to save money on your next direct mail campaign" vs. "Save money on your next direct mail campaign."


Implement Negative CTAs

This sounds like a bit of an oxymoron, but hear us out. Instead of saying something like "Enjoy 30% off on your next order," say something like "Don't forget to use your 30% off voucher."


Say "We," Not "I"

Using "I" in your copy is an immediate no-no, implying possession or selfishness. 


Instead, take a page out of the Queen's book and use the royal "we/you."


Example: "I can answer your questions about direct mail postage" vs. "We can take care of any questions you have."


Cause and Effect

You need to include a because statement if you're explaining why your potential buyer should do something. Ask a question, then provide the answer. This triggers engagement as your reader wants to know why they should do something and trust you.


See and Say

As you write, go back and scan your copy. Many people skim content, so make it easy to consume by utilizing lists, bullet points, questions, percentages, numbers, and even emojis to keep the eye moving to the next point.


After you write a piece, read it out loud. Does it sound like something you would say to someone in person? Do you sound like a person or a robot? Use this technique to practice incorporating new words or eliminating unnecessary chatter.


Don't Leave Them Guessing

There is nothing worse than getting something in the mail and having zero clue what the sender wants you to do. Are you supposed to call them? Visit their website? 


Tying back to being direct, ensure the CTA is crystal clear and easy to follow.


By adding these practices into your copywriting, you can increase your retention and conversion rate. Don't believe us? According to Lately's CEO, utilizing these tips allowed her and her team to grow their revenue by 240%


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