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November 06, 2018

Why You Should Track Your Next Direct Mail Campaign



When sending time-sensitive mailpieces such as checks, statements or sales offers, it’s critical to know when your mail has been delivered. 


Using Streamworks’ Mail Tracking Portal, you can monitor your mail through the delivery process and see near real-time reporting right from your device or desktop.


Have you ever wondered why you should track your mail? Here's why it's beneficial to do so:


Importance of Tracking Mail

Tracking your mail allows you to keep tabs on important or time-sensitive pieces such as checks, statements or direct mailers in order to:

  • Integrate multiple media channels into one campaign
  • Set up triggers for corresponding events
  • Staff call centers, help desks or store locations
  • Receive timestamp reporting
  • Close the loop in CRM systems
  • Plan future marketing or sales efforts

Why is this beneficial to you?

Through our portal, you can log in and view delivery reporting on all your current projects that have mail tracking enabled. The tracking system provides a variety of reports detailing both job and performance information. You can pull these reports by geography, date delivered, individual mailpieces or delivery results.


For example, you can export data files that were pulled based on percent of mail that was scanned and/or delivered, delivery date or non-delivered mail. This information is useful to show the average delivery time of your mailpieces compared to the historical average or upload the files into your CRM to integrate with other marketing campaigns and improve customer service. 


According to Brand Science,


"Combining direct mail with other marketing activities increases

campaign payback by up to 20%."


The valuable data you receive from tracking your mailpieces can pinpoint critical delivery timing so you can launch follow up campaigns with confidence. If you know when your mail has been delivered to your intended audience, you can integrate other marketing activities like staffing call centers, making timely follow-up calls and better managing customer relations.


On your next direct mail campaign consider if the benefits of tracking your campaign would help to improve your results and strategy moving forward. 


Download our Direct Mail Production Checklist to help streamline your next direct mail project.


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