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November 19, 2019

Effective Marketing Tactics for the Insurance Industry

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According to Blue Corona, each month, consumers in the U.S. search more than 5 million times for insurance.


That statistic includes auto, life, property insurance, and more. 


If you want to grab a piece of that policyholder pie, here are a few tips to improve your search rankings and increase your marketing reach.


Make sure your website checks all the boxes.

You've probably heard it all before about the importance of SEO, having a responsive website design, and a secure platform. But, there's more to it than that.


Consider your customers: who are they, and why are they coming to you?


When it comes to insurance, only 45% of regular customers understand lingoes such as coinsurance, deductible, and copay. If your customers aren't familiar with the lingo, that won't be what they're searching for. Take a step back and think from your customers' perspective: content should include words that they understand, not just the agent.


Having a website that offers easy-to-digest information on these topics and others shows that you care about your customers and want them to be comfortable (and knowledgeable).


Not only that, but the traditional family dynamic is changing. Women are taking on a more significant role in the workplace, and the percentage of non-married adults is on the rise. Your website should include a diverse collection of imagery that appeals to a wide swath of the population if you want to grab and keep their attention, including millennials, women, and people of color.


It's essential to keep this information front-of-mind when looking at promoting sectors like home and life insurance. 


SEO Best Practices are Easier Than You Think.

Any time the term "SEO" gets thrown around, people tend to get overwhelmed. As articles come out each day addressing changes in algorithms and long-form keywords, we get it. That's why there's a handy little checklist below on ways you can gets your website in tip-top shape.


• Optimize your title tags and meta descriptions

• Be secure (HTTPS, not HTTP)

• Have a mobile-friendly design

• Only include quality content

• Fast load-time

• Active and visible social channels

• Optimized images

• On par, or better, than your competition


We have a great checklist you can download for more ideas and best practices.


Showcase What Makes You Stand Out From the Competition.

In the world of insurance, the options to choose from seem to grow daily. So what sets you apart from the rest?


Show versus tell by utilizing the power of video. You can create customer testimonials, answer common questions, showcase the ways your organization gives back to the greater community. Be sure that any video marketing you create makes its way to social as well as your website.


Ensure you have a consistent social media presence, regardless of what platform it's on. The more active and accessible you can be to your consumers, the more they will grow to trust you and recommend you to others.


When in Doubt, Write it Out.

We stated earlier that part of your marketing strategy should include answering questions and making insurance concepts more accessible. A great way to achieve this is by utilizing a blog.


With a blog, you'll have the ability to include more long-form content in one place, yet reference it across your marketing channels: email, social media, and your website.


Encourage your policyholders to share with you ideas for blog posts on social media by engaging them. What do they wish they would have known about X? What have they always wanted to learn about Y? This sort of content will not only generate material for you to share but help you create evergreen content to boost your search rankings.


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